Michael Harrell

Michael Harrell is the owner and producer of Surrender Outdoors TV. Michael got his start in the outdoor industry with BuckVentures Outdoors and Final Descent Outdoors both airing nationally. Michael started Surrender Outdoors in 2012 as a ministry to share his testimony with others. He has a heart for the Lord and believes that men are the center focus for his ministry. Michael is married to his high school sweetheart Michelle for 23 years and they have two wonderful kids Mason and Madison who both love to hunt and fish when their not on the diamond playing baseball and softball. Michael enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, sports, music, food, fellowship, and sharing the word of God.

Mason Harrell

Mason Harrell is the son of Michael Harrell and is a high school senior at Coleman High School in Coleman, Oklahoma. Mason is a 4 year starter on the Coleman Baseball Team and a 4 year starter on his Academic Team with being the team captain the last two years on the academic team. Mason is an Oklahoma All State Recipient in Academics and will pursue a degree in Chemistry after high school. When Mason is not playing ball or in school he loves to hunt and be in the outdoors. His passions are church, baseball, academics, hunting, and playing ping pong with his buddies.

Brad Russell

Brad Russell has been in the outdoor industry for 5 years. Brad is married to his wife Vickie Russell for 21 years and they have one daughter Taylor Russell. Brad is an owner of a wholesale company specializing in automotive fleet oils and chemicals. Brad enjoys hunting, fishing, guns, and watching his daughter play softball.

Chance Hodge

Chance Hodge is in his first year with Surrender Outdoors. Chance has been married to his wife Ashley for 11 years. They have two sons Chet and Colby with a daughter Aubrey on the way .Chance works at Michelin as a tire builder for ten years now. Chance loves hunting, fishing, spending time with his boys in the outdoors, and watching them play ball.

Stacey Bryant

Stacey Bryant is in his first year with Surrender Outdoors. Stacey is married to his wife Tonya for 17 years and they have two daughters Logan and Morgan. Stacey works as tire builder at Michelin in Ardmore, OK. Stacey enjoys hunting, fishing, spending time with family, and watching his daughters play softball and basketball.